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This book explains the essentials of digitalpresenting, and hand in hand with that the programme PowerPoint. As this has become the standard in commerce and education. Nevertheless only few people really make use of the possibilities the software has to offer.
However software shouldnt make you loose the true orator in yourself. Because wouldn't it be a petty, if you were to become a mouse clicking voice-over, hidden behind the screen of a laptop?
Aristotl couldn't have meant that as he wrote his book Retorica some two thousand years ago...


Digital presentations

Title: Digital presentations
Author: S.M. Schroevers
Category: Communication
Language: Dutch
Publisher: Kluwer BV
Year of issue: 2006
ISBN: ISBN 90-13-04159-0
Pages: 80
Edition: Paperback
Illustrations: Black-and-white
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Table of contents


1 PowerPoint
PowerPoint, an introduction
Clever use of colors
Readable characters
2 linguistic aspects
Good titles
Correct use of texts
3 house-style & sheets
An own house style
color diagrams
Saving designs as templates
4 images and graphs
File size reduction
Graphs, diagrams and tables
Different types of graphs or diagrams
5 multimedia in presentations
6 animations
7 presentations on the go
Presentations on a CD-Rom
Presentations on Internet
copyright aspects
8 presentation skills
Choosing the content
Time management
When project and when not?
To use a crib
Using microphones
Speaking tips
Concerning stage fright
9 Projectors (beamers)
Connecting beamers
Setting up the room

Projection screens
Technical appliances
10 overview of short cuts
11 bibliography
12 index

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