Communication: Computer skills


How to Mail Merge
and make the most of your database in correspondence

  • Elementary mail merging simplified
  • Put variable information in form letters
  • Print envelopes or labels
  • Make direct use of your Outlook contacts
  • Merge directly to fax and e-mail
  • Exchange databases efficiently


Title: Samenvoegen
Subtitle: Combineer correspondentie en databases
Authors: S.M. Schroevers LL.M.,
Category: Communication, Computer skills, Correspondence
Language: Dutch
Publisher: Kluwer BV
Year of issue: 2005
ISBN: ISBN 9-013-02504-8
Pages: 67
Edition: Paperback
Illustrations: Black-and-white

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Table of contents

  • Chapter 1 Introduction
  • Chapter 2 Merging letters in Word 2002
  • Chapter 3 Merging letters in Word 97/2000
  • Chapter 4 Merging labels in Word 2002
  • Chapter 5 Merging labels in Word 97/2000
  • Chapter 6 Merging envelopes in Word 2002
  • Chapter 7 Merging envelopes in Word 97/2000
  • Chapter 8 Merging E-mail and fax
  • Chapter 9 Mailing with Outlook 2002
  • Chapter 10 Mailing with Word 97
  • Chapter 11 Faxing
  • Virtual faxing
  • Chapter 12 Excel and Outlook
  • Subject index
  • About the author


Virtual faxing

Virtual faxing seems a somewhat peculiar name, however when abroad I tend to think of 'Virtual faxing' as 'Virtuoso faxing'. Because all that needs to be done is simply send an e-mail to a fax number. The way thois works is that the actual fax number is used in the e-mail address. Of course it is necessary to also become a member of one of these services. Which usually are pre-paid services. It is possible to send these fax-mails with an attachment. Because most file types are supported, like Word, Excel, pdf etc. The server makes a screen print of the file, which is sent to the fax machine. Virtual faxing is cost-reducing: no initial or maintenance costs, no toner, no extra telephone line. It saves you some archive space as well.

Virtual merging
Most services offer the so-called Broadcast fax. The actual mail merge takes place on the servers. Therefore a copy of the database needs to be uploaded as well. Most companies charge an initial set-up and work with a pre-paid system. For those sending mainly local faxes the rates may be slightly higher per fax though.


This book is intended for anyone who wishes to print multiple copies of the same document and include each recipients address information on both letter and envelop. A mail merge is a very practical method for making form letters, mailing labels, envelopes, e-mail and fax distributions. The way it works is that a document is being linked to a data source, usually a database. By inserting so-called merge fields into the document, the data from the database appears in the final letters, after the mail merge. This can be done in any Microsoft Word document. Mail merging saves lots of time and prevents the possibility of making mistakes. In addition to using mail merges for inserting address information in correspondence, it is also possible to use the merge feature for much longer phrases and add specific extra information by way of a database. Using data sources is mainly explained by way of the programme Microsoft Excel. This with the users of Microsoft Office in mind. However all data can just as easily be imported from Microsoft Access or any other programme. Each chapter begins with explaining the functionalities of Word 2002, after which the differences of older versions are being expounded. The illustrations in this book are intended to improve understanding. They do not necessarily match the screens on your system in every case. In addition to explaining mail merges this booklet also offers the user a concise method of importing data from Outlook in Excel and the other way round. We hope that this booklet may motivate you to make the best use of the possibilities mail merge has to offer.

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