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The quoted lawyer - I

Title: Met recht, humor...
Subitle: citaten voor magistraten en advocaten
Author: S.M. Schroevers
Category: Humor, Law general
Language: Dutch
Publisher: W.E.J. Tjeenk Willink
Year of issue: 1995
ISBN: 9027141444
Pages: 131
Edition: Paperback
Other: Sold out within one year, several reprints.


The book contains many quotes, proverbs and humorous short stories on legal matters. With many historical images and new cartoons it offers enough to the eye as well. Thanks to the different indexes is easy to find a suitable quote.


Drawings by David Schroevers.

La loi est morte, vive la loi.
le Schroef

Bad laws simply create more cases.
de Schroef

From the parking police, loyalty to the rules is expected,
but not enthusiasm.

de Schroef

Lex iubet - non disputet.

Law is order, and good law is good order.
the Screw

The law had not been dead, though it had slept.

Juristen werden leben, solange es ein DEIN
und MEIN wird geben.
der Schraub

Soweit die Rechtsanwälte im Einzelfall nicht
Diener am Recht sind,
bleiben sie wenigstens Verdiener am Unrecht.
der Schraub

C'est le ton, qui fait l'avocat.
le Schroef

Justice is like ghosts, everyone talks about it,
but few have seen it.
de Schroef

Wer nichts als Recht versteht,
versteht auch das nicht recht.

Drawings by David Schroevers.




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