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Intercultural communication

Title: Interculturele Communicatie
Author: S.M. Schroevers
Category: Communication
Language: Dutch
Publisher: Kluwer BV
Year of issue: 2006
ISBN: 90-13-03861-1
Pages: 80
Edition: Paperback
Illustrations: Black-and-white

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This book gives an introduction on the various themes that have to do with Intercultural communication. It zooms in on topics as ethnic minorities or European cultural differences. It advises on international direct marketing, e-commerce, business e-mails and cross country tele-marketing. The basics of working with translators are discussed, as well as glocalisation. It was written with the intention of sharing experiences in this field, and supplying the reader with a few eye-openers in this particular domain.

Table of contents

  1. I Intercultural Communication

  2. Preface
  3. Introduction
  4. Language and communication
  5. Explicit communication
  6. Non-verbal communication

    II Applied intercultural communication

  7. International communication
  8. Marketing bloopers
  9. Glocalisation
  10. Translations
  11. Interpreters
  12. Intercultural decoding
  13. Media contacts
  14. Argumentation styles
  15. Telemarketing
  16. Direct mail
  17. Digital communication
  18. Interpunction differences
  19. E-commerce
  20. Business presents

    III cultural influence on communication

  21. Ethnocultural diversity
  22. Greying and colouring
  23. Moving identities
  24. Ethno communication
  25. Ethnolinguistics
  26. Monocultural: ethnomarketing
  27. Multicultural: butter biscuits and baklava
  28. Segmentation
  29. European communication

    IV Reference

  30. Suggested reading
    De Mooij
  31. Bibliography
  32. About the author


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