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GUID3 - Architecture, Design, Urbanism provides descriptions and further information about a selection of European magazines, editors, and publishers in this field. Comprehensive data for direct contact - both online and offline.

Title: GUID3
Subtitle: Architecture, Design, Urbanism
Author: S.M. Schroevers
Category: Communication
Language: English
Publisher: Press3asy
Year of issue: 2004, with a 2nd edition in 2005
Pages: 248
Edition: Loose leave publication, with additional loose-leaf supplements
Illustrations: Black-and-white
Other: Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data: magazines on architecture, (interior) design and urbanism. Schroevers editor. - 2nd ed. Includes bibliographical references (p.) and index 1. Press and media - Press releases. 2. Architecture - Architectural magazines. 3. Address guide - magazines.

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A choice of over 750 magazines in 69 countries worldwide. Press3asy GUID3 focuses exclusively on magazines in the field of Architecture, Design and Urbanism and is divided into relevant categories.
This 2nd edition of GUID3, contains the latest selection of valuable PR information and offers world-wide addresses and telephone numbers. This listing has been partly drawn from the databases of the 'Pressguild foundation'. GUID3 is ordered alphabetically and is supplemented by an index at the end of each sub-directory, hence providing you with two search possibilities. This guide is organised in three sections (see table of contents for full details). In this introduction you will find general information such as an explanation on the used country name and language abbreviations, as well as the best way to make use of the relevant categories. Part two is the magazine directory, which is divided in three subsections This country, Europe and World. This is an alphabetical listing by country abbreviation. The different symbols under each magazine indicate specific details and are explained here below. From the 2000 magazines worldwide on architecture we have selected some 750 ones. We gathered our data from National libraries, Media Yearbooks for each country, Internet, the colophons of most magazines etc. From this we made lists per country and asked feed-back from people in each country, preferably from librarians, universities and book-shops. We made inquiries by telephone with all magazines which they rated higher. Additionally, many magazines were available from our own archive. We carefully compiled all data, however your comments are very much appreciated.


Table of contents


I --Europe

  1. Introduction
  2. Austria 1
  3. Belgium 5
  4. Bulgaria 11
  5. Croatia (Hrvatska) 11
  6. Czech Republic 14
  7. Denmark 16
  8. Finland 19
  9. France 22
  10. Germany 32
  11. Greece 49
  12. Hungary 50
  13. Ireland 52
  14. Italy 54
  15. Luxembourg 83
  16. Netherlands 84
  17. Norway 94
  18. Poland 97
  19. Portugal 100
  20. Romania 102
  21. Slovakia 102
  22. Slovenia 103
  23. Spain 105
  24. Sweden 115
  25. Switzerland 120
  26. Turkey 126
  27. United Kingdom 127
  28. Serbia and Montenegro 150

II --World

  1. Argentina 2
  2. Australia 5
  3. Bahrain 11
  4. Barbados 11
  5. Belarus 11
  6. Brazil 12
  7. Canada 15
  8. Chile 20
  9. China 21
  10. Colombia 24
  11. Cuba 26
  12. Dominican Republic 26
  13. Hong Kong 27
  14. Iceland 28
  15. India 28
  16. Indonesia 30
  17. Iran 30
  18. Israel 31
  19. Japan 32
  20. Korea 37
  21. Mexico 38
  22. New Zealand 39
  23. Nicaragua 41
  24. Nigeria 41
  25. Pakistan 41
  26. Panama 41
  27. Peru 42
  28. Philippines 42
  29. Puerto Rico 43
  30. Russia 44
  31. Saudi Arabia 47
  32. Singapore 47
  33. South Africa 49
  34. Sri Lanka 51
  35. Taiwan 52
  36. Thailand 52
  37. Ukraine 53
  38. United States 54
  39. Uzbekistan 84
  40. Venezuela 84
  41. Zambia 84

III --Indexes

  1. Index World 85
  2. Bibliography 89
  3. About the author 92


This 2nd edition of Press3asy GUID3 offers you an overview of some 750 regularly appearing magazines (arranged alphabetically) in the field of Architecture, Design and Urbanism. This edition has been revised und updated by gathering information from questionnaires, direct telephone contact with editorial boards, colophons of magazines, Internet research, telephone directories, library visits through-out Europe, as well as all sorts of National year-books. Such a world-wide collection of addresses on Architecture, Design and Urbanism was listed for the first time by Press3asy, and it will certainly proof itself as an indispensable publicity tool. All entries are arranged according to sub-chapters by country names. For an overview of the used distinguishing symbols (also in other languages) please read the section in your own (contact) language. The entries of the printed edition contain (if known) the following information: Magazine-name; Subtitle; Quality; Language; Publisher; Address; Telephone; Fax; E-mail; Web-site; Document Type; Frequency; Edition; Founding; Sponsor; Page Size; PC or MAC; Price; Book reviews; Editorial Statute; and finally Remarks can be read. In order to make this guide useable for an international clientele, we've made use of symbols instead of descriptions. In the end you will notice that it even might be quicker in use. The editorial deadline was 29th October 2006; applications which were sent to us later than this could unfortunately not be printed in this 2nd edition. However all data are digitally available by way of the database [database.xls] on the CD-ROM. Updates of the most essential changes of addresses and/or publishers, as well as new magazines, can be obtained electronically from our down-load website or secretariat, and will appear as loose-leaf supplements as well. Again in this second edition of GUID3, we persevere in our opinion that press-releases without a name arrive better than press-releases with the wrong name. Feed-back from various editors strengthens our conviction that our repertory should stay address-orientated. However at our secretariat is an extensive amount of electronic data available. Please feel free to request a prospectus.

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