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the Dutch riming constitution


Title: De Nederlandse Grondwet, op rijm
Author: Mr. Schroef-je (Screw-you ll.m)
Category: Humor, Law general
Language: Dutch
Publisher: W.E.J. Tjeenk Willink
Year of issue: 1997
ISBN: 9027146977
Pages: 94
Edition: Paperback
Other: Several reprints


the Dutch riming constitution

the Dutch riming constitution Because of the 150 years celebration of the constitution of the Netherlands, the original text was transformed to a poem-version. Nevertheless it is fully useful for legals, since all juridical elements were kept. (Schroevers did Law-school).

The size of the booklet is hardly more than a matchbox. Probably due to the also small prize it became a best-seller, as 7,000 copies were sold in three months time. The booklet appeared twice on national TV.


The booklet was marketed at the time with 'the Giant-Fruin'.


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