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Language Tips for Export

Title: Taaltips voor de Export
Sub title : Alles wat u moet weten voor contact in het Engels, Duits, Frans, Spaans en Italiaans.
Author: S.M. Schroevers
Category: Communication
Language: Dutch
Publisher: Uitgeverij Publimix
Year of issue: 2006
ISBN: 90-74312-07-1
Pages: 96
Edition: Paperback
Illustrations: Black-and-white

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Despite the fact that Europe gets enlarged, it seems the become smaller and smaller for exporters. In the daily practice it soons becomes clear that perhaps certain frontiers may have disappeared, the cultural boundaries certainly haven't. This book is an ideal companion for those dealing with the languages: French, Spanish, German, Italian and Dutch.

It gives many sequenced phrases in the field of offers / tenders, invoices, delivery and customer care. It gives many practical reference on the various topics that have to do with exporting in Europe, such as typical abbreviations of company forms, the different financial peculiarities throughout Europe, as well as INCO-terms or new European regulations. Furthermore this book explains the essential intercultural differences which can play such an important part in foreign contacts. A book written for non-native speakers, full of language and practical reference. Anyone working in an international environment, will soon have this book standing next to the phone book and street plan.


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