Communication: Computer skills


Computer presentations

Title: Computerpresentaties
Authors: S.M. Schroevers LL.M.,
Aynur Dogan MMC.
Category: Communication, Computer skills, Presentation techniques
Language: Dutch
Publisher: Kluwer BV
Year of issue: 2006
ISBN: ISBN 90-13-03217-6
Pages: 96
Edition: Paperback
Illustrations: Black-and-white
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Most presentations tend to be predictable or even worse: boring. Although the program PowerPoint offers an array of possibilities, only few people use multimedia in an effective way. This book shows how to get the most out of presenting. It explains in a simple way, what rules apply for making good sheets; how to connect a laptop to a beamer, the specific key board tricks on different computer brands, when to give a hand-out, and it also makes suggestions when NOT to use the computer.


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