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On quotes and plagiarism

For all of those writing, it's good to be informed on what the borders are between quotes and plagiarisms. Because original ideas are considered intellectual property and are protected by copyright laws. This book therefore tells the correct ways of incorporating quotations. But there are so many specific ways to quote a source or make a bibliography. This books shows you accurately, with many practical examples, how paraphrasing and summarizing is done.
So it also explains you how to quote a web page, a cd-rom or
how to make footnotes. The topic of this book may not be exactly breathtaking, but for anyone active in communication or writing it contains lots of necessary information.

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Title: Citaat en plagiaat
Author: S.M. Schroevers
Category: Communication, Language
Language: Dutch
Publisher: Kluwer BV
Year of issue: 2005
ISBN: 90-13-023096
Pages: 80
Edition: Paperback
Illustrations: Black-and-white

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Table of contents

  1. Contents
  2. Preface
  3. Introduction
  4. Pure plagiarism
  5. Ways to quote
  6. Ways to paraphrase and refer to cited sources
  7. Acknowledgement of sources
  8. Title descriptions - the right order
  9. Title descriptions per medium
  10. Typographic remarks
  11. Quotation marks for quoting
  12. How to punctuate in other languages
  13. Commonly used abbreviations
  14. Foreign quotes
  15. How to make bibliographies
  16. Bibliography

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