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International Business letters

Title: Internationale Zakenbrieven
Author: S.M. Schroevers
Category: Communication
Language: Dutch
Publisher: Kluwer BV
Year of issue: 2006
ISBN: 90-13-03911-1
Pages: 104
Edition: Paperback
Illustrations: Black-and-white


Practical tips and advice on writing business letters in six languages: from Dutch to English, German, French, Spanish and Italian.

Table of contents


1. Arrangement of letters

  • English lay-out,
  • German lay-out,
  • French lay-out,
  • Spanish lay-out,
  • Italian lay-out,
  • Mailing instructions,
  • Intercultural tips,
  • Corresponence tips (Business leters, Faxes, E-mails)
  • Language tips (abbreviations, capital letters, punctuation marks)
  • Translations (example phrases, vocabulary)

2. E-mails

3. Faxes

4. Differences in punctuation

5. Use of capital letters

6. Idiomatic conventions

7. Using computers

8. Country specific key-boards

9. Intercultural communication

10. Translaters

11. Specific alphabets

12. Telephone alphabets

13. Address differences

14. Abbreviations

15. Translations of place-names

16. Internet addresses

17. Accents and ASCII-codes

18. Specific national holidays

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